Thanking all the 189 of you for following my blog. It has been dormant for sometime now but i still got a few activities going: I am working on improving the blog’s look and feel for you and also balancing it with my work. Thanks for the love. I appreciateπŸ˜™

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Corporate Look

Dear reader, 

I know it’s been long , I know I .. know… 

I am back with a corporate inspired look. When it comes to corporate look, I doubt if anyone can go wrong with it. Go for nude colours/neutral colours. Wear shoes that are comfortable.  Heels gives you an edgy look but I preferred flat shoes for this outfit. 
And who said you should not go for brightly coloured blazer? Personally I love this pink blazer because of the details on it. Apart from being one button, it has these studds on the turn up sleeves and the lace… Just love it. 


Of course accessories is a must. I had decided to go for watch instead of bangle for more formal look and nude studds to match my nude shoes which  goes well with the pink blazer. I also threw in the bullet pendant which was a gift . 😍😍

(Studded finish on the blazer)


 Wide leg trouser. 

This is my prefernce for corporate wear especially now that wide leg is slowly cropping back to fashion.My choice here is not for not so very wide leg (If you want to go with the pencils, well and good), paired  it with a crop top. Who does that? Crop top to work? Yes me. 

I hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to share the content, drop a comment and like. 


Why you should do junk

They say don’t take junk, because you will grow fat and its not good your health. But i say, food is food, eat whatever you can as long as you are not overdoing it.The key thing above all is try to exercise. 

It is always a good thing to spoil yourself once a while.Go out and do whatever you think is good for your soul and heart. This is the exact situation i found my self in last week. I had some few bucks and decided to head to my favorite food place in town; Laughing Buddha. It is a vegeterian restaurant that offers all sorts of delicacies.

 The menu is brought and i take good ten minutes.(Yes,… Ok something like that.) I cant remember the  because i took too long on the menu. You want really to know my reasons? I was trying to avoid all the junk food;from pizza, to chips and all that. So i looked through the menu , section by section. Then i settled on milkshake. It was like the devil kept calling me. I tried as many times not to settle for even milkshake, but the devil played bazokizo untill i decided enough is enough. Give me the vanilla milkshake and chips. I started reasoning and then i found that there’s actually nothing wrong with my order

Some of these food we call junk has advantages. 

Advantages of milkshake. 

  • Shakes are low in calorie and therefore you might even replace it with your main meal when trying to work out
  • Shakes can be good protei supplement because they have milk, eggs and soy as ingredients which are very rich in protein
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Target captured

It’s weekend already and i should give you something new.i haven’t had any shoot of late because of my busy schedule but i still have some pictures for you. 

I had this pictures taken with my phone. (Samsung  the #jseries) be judge of the clarity of the pictures. But that’s not my focus now, my focus is on my newly acquired Target sneakers. They fit like a glove and leaving you feeling easy. I want to wear them every day everytime. I even love my feet after putting them. 

But, that’s not all. I still want to tell you more. Of how this day went down,  how I had whale of time with my friend and how we decided to have fun eating our chicken at Java,  and later heading out to this picturesque place just to relax. I am afraid you will say its  much . Though you will want more and more. Allow me to tell you less, because i want you back another time. My friend, this was the day like no other. Riding on a boat, climbing walls and jumping over the fence wasn’t easy but it was fun. We had to jump over the fence because the gate keeper had lost the keys to the gate. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i know right? Then we had to climb another wall to get to the otherside to view the sunset. I enjoyed this i must admit.I almost climbed the coconut tree to get the “madafu “, dont ask me what held me back because i am not going to tell you. I don’t want you laughing at me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. (I am actually laughing at myself silly. ) I will tell you something however, feed your eyes  on this pictures. 

The bag is a souvenir, my shoes are Target bought them from the street. 

Feel free to comment below. 

I hope to see you again . 😍 😍. Kisses. 

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Versertile bloggers Award.Β 

Just when you thought that all was done, and just then…. another award. Versatile bloggers award. Damn am so so over the moon right now. I can’t hide it and the fact that on the same week i got two nominations. Did you get that? I said two nominations on the same week. Who wouldn’t be happy? Thank Dazed Muse   and wandering in my genes for choosing to nominate me for this award. Wait, wondering who these are? I can’t tell you that. No!  i cant .  If i tell you, you’ll wonder why you haven’t checked their blogs yet and hate yourself for it. πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ. No, don’t thank me, that is what good friends are  supposed to do. 😜. So go out and check out what you have been missing
7 facts about myself. 

  1. I always like my door shut when am in. I cant stand an open door. I am just never cormfatable with it like that. 
  2. People think that i am an extrovert. We’ll, i am both an introvert and extrovert. Is that what you call ambivert? I like to have people around me but i don’t like them around at the same time, i don’t want them. My college roomates can relate. 
  3. I dont know weather this the perfectionist side of me or what. I like my books well arranged on the shelf(and any other thing that is to be set) my way. But when you skip a thing or mistakenly put it on the wrong place, you need to be kicked . real hard
  4. I love food. Oh my God. food food food. Not just any food but well cooked food. I want to taste that indian food and cook it as much as them. And with food, i like trying new thing everyday. 
  5. My  series anytime. Orange is the new black, Oddesy, Blind spot, Mac Opolo etc. I want my series long. One sesion with 20 episodes and above. If you give me that on a weekend, you are bae. Just remember to shut the door. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. My father’s excess androgens in me gives you the boy side of me and my mum’s the lady one. Sometimes they exist solely, some, they mix. Wierd, right? 
  7. Travel travel travel. Travelling to new places is one thing i like. 

Now  having shared the 7 facts about my self, i am going to nominate some fantastic people for this same award. 

Here are the rules of the game. 

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award and share a link to their blog. 
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself 
  3. Nominate  15 Other bloggers of your choice
  4. Link the nominess and let them know you have chosen them


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  3. Alison
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  15. Sarajumes

    I wish you all the best 

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    Black and white affair

    I am very sorry for staying this long without posting anything. I have been busy, moving up and down here and there. I also moved to somwhere else and so hope you do understand. I want to tell you just so much that has happened but i want to make my writing flyspeck but i still want to tell you something. 

    I got two Nominations for some Awards which i am going to post about them soon. I loved them and the beautiful ladies who nominated me. 

    I must say , i missed my blog family and reading those recipes that you share, and the stories that you put up. I think blogging is slowly becoming my life. 

    Here’s is a shot i did before taking a break. I love the stripes on this top because they are unique, quite something. My choice for the black leather pants is because they are edgy, and classy . For the colours,  who doesnt love black and white?  They say, “the most colorful thing in the world,  is black and white, it contains all colours and the same time excludes all“. look at how colourful these pictures are. Eyesome right? You can actually see through me. 

    I hope you enjoy the black and white affair i had with myself. 

    When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph them in black and white, you photograph their soul. 

    • Photo credit to Oyier Emmanuel. 
    • Sunglasses from a cosmetic shop at 500ksh
    • Leather trouser_kibuye market at 300ksh
    • Top_150 ksh 
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    Shirt dress

    A shirt dress is basically a style  that borrows details from a mens’shirt. This could be the buttons, the sleeves, the collar etc. They are made from materials that such as cotton, silk which are used on mens dress shirt.

    On my Fashion trends for 2017 post if you can remember, shirt dress was one of them. So today I just got you that:shirt dress but with my twist to it. I decided to layer it with a denim(I tend to layer almost everything with denim , my weakness) and also went for rubber shoes instead of sandals/heels because my style is simple and comfortable. 

    Shirt dress is normally light and therefore perfect for your sunny days

    I love the collar details here and I love my waist clinched so explains the belt

    and I decided to go with the white rubber shoes because I like easy and cormfort. 

    And my Gucci travel bag. 

    If you don’t like it baggy like me, then add a belt to it. 

    I hope you enjoyed. 

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    Totally nude style

    Welcome back to another new episode. This week I am featuring #fancy dress, #nude colour which is becoming my favorite colour of late because its classy and easy to style. 

    For this particular look I decided to accesorise with a metalic belt from Jibango botique and the metalic choker too.

     My heels are from one Ben’s botique. They are my favorite πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. Ofcourse I decided to play with the green coat for a different feel.

     Photography by Emanuel Oyier


    • Add accessories to your nude dress for a classy look. 
    • Pair it up with a good secondary colour or a warm colour depending on how you feel. 
    • Don’t forget your favorite shoes. 

    Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and friends of your friends πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ   and thank you for stopping by come back again another time.  Xoxo

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    Tag Β 2016/2017. #tag.

    Hello, it’s yet another rare chance that I got to participate on this #tag that was created by The guy who said no always. I am very great full to Alison for having tagged me. You should check out her blog. You won’t be dissapointed. 
    Question: Describe your 2016 in 3 words. 

    Answer:keep trying always

    Question: write the name of two people who characterized your 2016. 

    Answer. This is  very tough. I want to thank my Family and friends .Allow me to give you more. my mom, she’s the best. My brother Sewe, My friend Raymond always pushing towards the right way. Not literary.  Evi always positive. 
    Question:write the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much. 

    Answer: 2016 was a busy year for me . It was work and work. For the record  I love Accasia-poolside its one place to sit and relax and enjoy your afternoon. If they agree al give you a photo soon. And for Soverign just like the name itself. Their decor is equally good, their pizza too. 

    Question:What is the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016. 

    Answer: Well,  this is very hard too. I want to go with Mexican Nachos bt I remember The Indian  kadai chiken from Mixed grill and oh the chicken wings from Soverign hotel was very delicious too. But I want to eat alot of Indian food this year. I am falling in love with their food. 

    Question:Write the event has marked you more in 2016. 

    Answer: That must be District talent competition. Oh yes and i presented a team which won the modern dance category

    Question: The finest purchase you’ve made this year 2016.If you want link a photo. 

    Answer:My blue dress from city Walk. (&#%ksh)You should visit them. 

    Question: Write three good intentions for 2017. 

    • Answer: I don’t think you are ready for my answer 😁😁 ,Are you?  keep doing me and being happy. 

    Question:Write a place you want to visit in 2017

    Answer: Lord Eargaton Castle in Nakuru Kenya

    Question: Write one food you want to eat in 2017. 

    Answer: how do crabs taste? 

    I therefore nominate these people to participate. 

    1.  Every day woman n human
    2. My fashion s/life
    3. Susansperspective
    4. Elorm Yankah
    5. Randi pontiff
    6. Jgeraldblog
    7. Wolford
    8. Iriz
    9. Typicallyizzy


    1. Mention the creator of the tag. 
    2. Use the image that you find in this article
    3. Mention the blogger who chose you
    4. Answer the questions
    5. Mention nine bloggers and let them know you’ve chosen them.       

    A big shout out to Alison for choosing me.And thank you all for stopping by. πŸ˜™

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    One dress, a million ways

    Hello lovelies! 

    Today I want to share with you how you can play around with your dress . This is my little blue dress and I like when style it differently every other time. 

    Here is my look 1

    Look 2: The office glam 

    3 : shirt out. 

    Look 4: 

    Which one do you like? 

    Let me know on the comments and thank you for stopping by. 

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